Ferlendis Palace

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 47, Lovere, Bergamo, Italia

In the picturesque setting of Lake Iseo, we propose residential units within the prestigious Palazzo Ferlendis, a historic building from the 15th century, completely restored and returned to its former glory.
The building has seen alternating uses over the centuries: a noble residence in the 15th century and then barracks for the Napoleonic army, a girls’ school and again a residence in the 20th century.
The building enjoys excellent views: it overlooks Lake Iseo on one side, and the Villa Milesi municipal park on the other.
The conservative restoration that affected and enhanced this palace was carried out directly by SCHIAVI Spa, with the utmost attention to the preservation of the peculiarities and distinctive elements that have made this splendid monument important over the centuries.
Palazzo Ferlendis also houses a number of useful services: a pharmacy, a modern beauty farm, and various executive activities. The residences, located on the penthouse floor, enjoy innovative solutions: full-height open-plan living rooms and very large windows to the outdoors.
Each apartment is equipped with an independent heating and cooling system; underfloor radiant panels provide perfect thermal regulation, while the dehumidification system and solid wood windows and doors with quadruple glazing provide significant energy savings. Bathrooms have a bathtub or shower with whirlpool, good lighting and spaciousness.
Is it in this romantic setting that you would like to live? The choice could not be more apt to start living in a dream home.


NOTES: Heating and cooling with floor panels, dehumidification system.
Solid wood windows and doors with quadruple glazing. Hot tub.



Apartments for sale

Three-room apartment
Apartment 21 – Three-room apartment – Lovere
110,71 mq | 3 locali | 2 bagni | Classe energetica B 46,29 kWh/mq anno