Interior designs

To create harmonious, comfortable and functional rooms

Schiavi Spa takes care of every detail of the interior design of its housing solutions, so that the final purchaser can choose a home of the utmost quality from every point of view, including more intimate and family-orientated settings.

Interior design is the branch of architecture that deals in setting out commonly used spaces within a home. As the designer, Schiavi Spa focuses in particular on the practical and functional aspects of home living, from room size to furniture layouts, the quality of the materials and technology, and the concepts that are most important for personal well-being, such as the safety and healthiness of the rooms.

At Schiavi Spa we see interior design as having acquired an increasingly vital dimension in the last few years, where the interiors are not just functional but also comfy and harmonious, suited to the aesthetic of the building as well as to the context in which the building is located.

Acoustics, sizing, lighting, spaces, materials, and technologies are all essentially important concepts in the correct definition of an interior design that is actually effective and efficient. Every room must in fact be practical and functional, both from the viewpoint of overall size and in terms of passages and easy use. An this is without ever forgetting aesthetic value, as best conveyed by better choices in terms of colour, materials and finishes.