Quality System

An organised system of procedures, processes and resources, all focused on excellence

The many years of experience, handed down from father to son, has allowed Schiavi Spa to achieve high levels of organisational and technological quality.

This has made it possible to create an exhaustive Quality System, aimed at providing customers with continuous assistance, both in the pre-sales stages – guiding them in the full expression of their requirements  – and for after-sales – monitoring any routine and/or special maintenance requirements, and guaranteeing technical resolution of any problems.

Schiavi Spa buildings can boast a ten-year warranty.

Schiavi Spa is registered with ASSIMPREDIL – Association of Building and related Companies for the provinces of Milan - Lodi and Monza - Brianza, with ANCE – Bergamo and with ANCE - Lecco.

The company also has the following certifications:

Raggruppa 886
UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification

for the application field of “design, building and renovation of civilian buildings”.

Raggruppa 886
Certificate of Qualification from SOA
(Certifying Company) – Cat. OG1

Class VIII, inherent to the execution of civilian and industrial buildings

Raggruppa 886
Certificate of Qualification from SOA
(Certifying Company) – Cat. OG2

Class IV-BIS, inherent to the “restoration and maintenance of property subject to heritage protection”.