Renovation of existing buildings

Maximising the efficiency of existing building stock

Schiavi Spa does not just specialise in new-builds, it also works on the renovation of existing buildings.

These interventions serve to transform buildings with a series of careful, systematic works that can be directed towards a partial or total change of the building.

Building renovations, which are different from the most common routine or extraordinary maintenance interventions and conservative restoration, involve restoring, replacing, changing or eliminating old architectural features and, if necessary, adding new elements and systems.

As part of the renovation of existing buildings, Schiavi Spa is able to take care of demolition followed by the reconstruction of the bulding; the transformation of auxiliary services, such as attic space or cellars, into usable areas; the expansion of spaces; changes of intended use of buildings; the partition of property units or changes to building frontage. as well, of course as the energy efficiency of the property.