Conservative restoration

To preserve, recover and make best use of properties

Schiavi Spa is the point of reference in Lombardy as far as regards restoration and conservative redevelopment for the purposes of preserving and recovering buildings, at the same time ensuring that their functions remain through a series of systematic works.

These latter works are carried out respecting the formal, structural and typological elements of the building and may include the consolidation, restoration, and renewal of its constituent elements, inserting the auxiliary elements and systems required by usage, and the elimination of elements that do not concern the individual building.

Specifically, conservative restoration brings together all the actions needed to preserve, recover and make best use of the features and particular characteristics of a property, above all, if the building is of particular historic, artistic, environmental or architectural interest. This type of intervention may involve the use of different materials and techniques from those originally in place, provided they are consistent with the already mentioned characteristics of the building subject to intervention.


Lastly, conservative restoration can be aimed at changing the intended use of the property, provided this is compatible with the typological, structural and formal characteristic of the building.