After-sales assistance

We listen to and understand the needs of every customer

Schiavi Spa does not stop at the complete design, construction and customisation of properties since, when they are sold directly, it continues to provide a complete after-sales assistance service.

We feel that listening, together with the ability to understand the individual needs of our customers, translates as a professional relationship that is more beneficial and practical for all those concerned. This is why our relationships with customers do not end with notarization, but continues over time. We are always there to listen and to intervene where necessary, with the constant aim of always offering top-level support with all our properties.

Those who choose Schiavi Spa for their home are aware of the guaranteed advantages of having the building company alongside them, a constant and competent point of reference for any needs or critical aspects concerning the property. We feel that a professionally constructed building cannot exclude this type of service, which we are proud to guarantee on a daily basis  to all of our interlocutors.