Turnkey projects

How we build homes specifically to suit every need

Homes built by Schiavi Spa are designed at every single step, from the preliminary through to the conclusive stages. Our turnkey design project service gives absolute control over the creation of our dwellings, so that we can identify specific solutions for each single building or living need.

The design stage of a home is particularly delicate, and it is essential to get it right for the finished result to be one of excellence.

Schiavi Spa takes care of the necessary feasibility studies after analysing the project data and defining the technical specifications for the building to be constructed, drawing up planivolumetric plans, site analyses, and layout definitions. The whole intervention is planned in detail, both in construction terms and from the viewpoint of technical and economic analyses.

The turnkey design project service provided by Schiavi Spa naturally also includes architectural and structural planning for all works, both interior and exterior, as well as the drawing up of contract specifications and metric calculations for an estimate of works.

This top level consultation service is guaranteed by Schiavi Spa for the duration of the project, so as to offer clients a full property solution, where all the customer needs to do is move in.