St. Martin’s Residence2

High degree of design combined with state-of-the-art technologies and absolute value-added design goals: “Residenza San Martino²,” in Lecco, Italy, is the new way of conceiving living.
A lifestyle that combines a high level of comfort with absolute privacy and perfect interpenetration with the natural element, which becomes an integral part of daily life.

San Martino al quadrato is the name that has been given to the new Residence, precisely because it is the natural continuation of the “Residenza San Martino” project, which has just been completed a short distance away from this new intervention, and can already be seen in all its glory…

The highest stylistic and technological expression has been reserved for every single aspect of the building: from the large, light-filled passage and common areas to the shared greenery, and, of course, to the apartments, with their large, livable balconies, embellished with planters and fine screening pillars.
In terms of privacy, careful design work on the elevations ensures not only highly private environments, but also panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains of absolute value.

“Residenza San Martino²” offers a total of twenty-five apartments developed on different square footage: from three-room to four-room apartments, all of them have been the subject of a newly conceived design, oriented not only to the maximum livability of spaces but also to the strong interpenetration between indoor and outdoor.
Large windows, for the copious entry of air and natural light into the interior spaces, add up to fine private porches and large patios, as well as spacious balconies designed to operate as true outdoor lounges, accessible from both the living and sleeping areas. On the first floor, the property’s large corner gardens are elevated almost one meter above the other condominium spaces, and about two meters above the entire surrounding context.

From the point of view of energy savings, “Residenza San Martino²” guarantees energy class A3 for each property unit thanks to a building-plant system characterized by an efficient building envelope, capable of containing thermal-acoustic dispersion to the best of its ability, and a technologically advanced heating and cooling system consisting of radiant floor panels associated with a heat pump. On the roof, the Residence houses photovoltaic panels for an increasingly efficient eco-sustainability orientation.

Perfectly integrated into the urban fabric of the city of Lecco, one of the most livable in Italy, “Residenza San Martino²”interprets it in a new way: tomorrow’s living has already taken shape.

Apartments for sale

Four-room apartment
Apartment 2 – Four-room apartment – Lecco
139,86 mq | 4 locali | 2 bagni | Classe energetica A3