Paganini Residence

Located in the semi-central Musicians’ Quarter in Monza, between Clementi Street and Paganini Street, Residenza Paganini is at the heart of an “urban microcosm” composed of a multiplicity of places of interest and services dedicated to daily life: grocery stores and various businesses, schools, gyms, a hospital, and even the large Monza Park. It is also excellently connected to the main city road system for quick access to both small towns in the province and large urban centers such as Milan, Lecco and Bergamo.
The project is part of a larger urban sustainability intervention through densification, aimed at integrating residential spaces with surrounding services and infrastructure in a planned and sustainable way to create a true “compact city” that meets the most advanced criteria of New Urbanism.
Two buildings are available, both with access from Clementi Street: House A, of nine apartments, and House B, of ten apartments. There is also a basement that houses the cellars and attached garages, and condominium rooms to the various apartments such as the technology center and the area reserved for garbage storage.
The concept of the residence is structured in three parts: the new neighborhood parking lot, equipped with sidewalks, flower beds and street lighting, starting from Clementi Street and along Paganini Street; the area inside the lot, quiet and reserved and intended to accommodate House A and House B; and the large neighborhood park (to which the residence is connected through a fully fenced condominium garden embellished with tall evergreen plants and small shrubs), equipped with pedestrian paths, equipped areas and a variety of natural elements.
The aesthetics of the property are inspired by a modern lifestyle concept of privacy, quiet, and full integration of indoor and outdoor: the essential geometries and large, functional volumes evoke a sense of purity, the large private loggias are entirely privacy-oriented, and the indoor and outdoor condominium spaces are designed to fully enjoy the outdoors while remaining within the perimeter of the residence. The communication between indoor and outdoor is continuous and constant in all elements of the property, from private to communal, designed for the sharing of daily life. An example of this approach is provided by the apartment loggias and balconies: the former are excluded to outside views, very wide and enriched with planters to surmount blind parapets; the latter give an unexpected movement of the fronts and are characterized by large and functional spaces.
The goal is to create corridors of quietness and well-being that allow total immersion in the green. The key words are quality of living, comfort, and well-being, highlighted not only by the detailed design of each apartment but also by the attention paid to common spaces: the landings to the floors are spacious, geometrically clear, and well-lit, enhanced by the use of stone interspersed with large-format tiles in contrasting colors.
An ambitious project in every detail, embodying a futuristic, sustainable and intelligent housing concept.