Brianteo Stadium


Monza, via Tognini

The Brianteo Stadium stands on the northeastern outskirts of Monza and, in addition to being one of the very few examples in Italy of late-brutalist sports architecture, it clearly highlights the urban development of the city.

The original work, whose construction is signed by the Schiavi Spa company, is characterized by a layout in which reinforced concrete and steel dominate, left “au naturel” to give the structure a solid and robust appearance, capable of blending harmoniously with the Monza skyline. Such design linearity culminates in the completely suspended roof of the main grandstand, the true defining element of the architectural work.

The Brianteo is designed as a modern and versatile multi-sport center that can meet the needs of different sports disciplines. Since its opening in 1988, it has hosted countless sporting, musical and cultural events of international significance.

Now renamed U-Power Stadium, it is prestigious home of AC Monza.

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