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The SCHIAVI S.P.A. – Impresa di Costruzioni builds private homes and public and industrial premises, with the basic aim of actively contributing to the development of quality standards on the housing market.
SCHIAVI S.P.A. – Impresa di Costruzioni has been operating for several decades in the building trade, particularly in the field of QUALITY RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS. Paramount on the company’s professional agenda are quality, energy saving and, more in general, customer satisfaction.
SCHIAVI S.P.A. – Impresa di Costruzioni has a management structure able to comprehensively develop any project, from the idea through to its practical realization.
The company is structurally organized with its own staff in order to assist the customer in all stages of the purchase: from the design of the building as a whole through to specific customer requirements, including the customization of finishes, assistance with paperwork (building formalities, deeds, mortgages, utilities) and all-important after-sales service.
The origins of SCHIAVI S.P.A. – Impresa di Costruzioni, now in its fifth generation, date back to 1850. In 1928, with the setting up of a de facto company, Cav. Luigi Schiavi began operating in the building sector, following the family tradition.
The main stages of the history of SCHIAVI S.p.A are the following:
  • 1928 - first registration with the Chamber of Commerce Industry Crafts and Agriculture of Bergamo on 22/12/1928 under no. 19045;
  • 1951 - registration in the regional register of builders and in the “Cassa Edile” of Bergamo;
  • 1953 – the company joined the Collegio dei Costruttori Edili (Board of Builders) of Bergamo, now ANCE - Bergamo;
  • 1964 - registration in the newly-formed ANC under no. 7310/04;
  • 1967 - the company, originally called "Impresa Luigi Schiavi dei fratelli Schiavi", was transformed into a general partnership with corporate purpose "building company activities". As a result of this transformation, the A.N.C. registration number was changed to 21821/07;
  • 1968 – registration with the Assimpredil (Association of Construction Companies of Milan), as a result of the company’s increased presence in Milan and province;
  • 1972 – opening of administrative headquarters in Milan;
  • 1981 - change of company name to "Impresa di Costruzioni Edili Luigi SCHIAVI S.p.A. Company expansion results in the administrative headquarters being transferred to the current Bellusco (MB) premises;
  • 1990 - change of name to the current SCHIAVI S.p.A – IMPRESA DI COSTRUZIONI, with increase of share capital to ITL 4,000,000,000 fully paid up;
  • 1997 - the company enjoys strong growth and operates throughout the region; it becomes a member of the Association of Builders of the Province of Lecco;
  • 2000 - the company obtains Quality certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9002 standard, awarded on the basis of achieved quality and procedural standards.
  • 2003 – always as regards Quality, the company obtains the renewal of its Quality Management System Certification, according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. At the same time, the company receives the SOA (Società Ordinarie di Attestazione) Qualification Certificate, Cat. OG1 Classification VIII, in relation to public Tenders without any restriction as regards amounts;
  • 2004 - the growth of the entire "Schiavi Group" is such as to require the reorganization of the corporate structure of SCHIAVI S.p.A, with the appointment of Paolo Schiavi as Chairman of the Board of Directors;
  • 2006 - increase of the fully paid up share capital to € 3,000,000.00;
  • 2008 - the company obtains Quality certification for the new OG2 category class III, concerning the restoration of buildings under the protection of the fine arts department;
  • 2010 - the company is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard for the following scope: "design, construction and restructuring of dwelling houses";
  • 2011 - the company is upgraded to category OG2, now elevated to class IV.

Over the years, the company has achieved high organizational and technological quality standards: its activities are supported by a technical and management organization responsible for the construction of private, public and industrial buildings, and for providing a dedicated consultancy service to its customers.

The extensive experience acquired over the years and handed down from father to son, has enabled SCHIAVI S.P.A – Impresa di Costruzioni to achieve high organizational and technological quality standards.
All this has made possible the creation of a streamlined system of careful and continuous assistance to customers, both before sale, with the aim of helping customers to express their requirements, and after sale, in order to monitor any requests for routine and/or special maintenance, as well as technically solve any problems, providing a ten-year warranty covering completed building works.

Schiavi S.p.A. is a member of ASSIMPREDIL - Association of Construction and complementary Companies of the provinces of Milan - Lodi and Monza - Brianza, and of the ANCE - Bergamo and ANCE - Lecco.
The company has also obtained numerous building quality certificates, including:
- UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification for the scope of "designing, building and restructuring of dwelling houses";
- SOA (Società Ordinarie di Attestazione) Qualification Certificate - Cat. OG1 Classification VIII, relating to the building of private homes and industrial buildings;
- SOA (Società Ordinarie di Attestazione) Qualification Certificate - Cat. OG2 Classification IV, relating to the "restoration and maintenance of property subject to protection."

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