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Interior design
Schiavi Spa takes care of the details of the interior design of its property solutions so as to offer the end buyer top-quality homes from every viewpoint, including the most private, familiar spaces.

Interior design is the branch of architecture that takes care of setting out the shared spaces within a room. As designers, Schiavi Spa dedicates specific attention to the practical and functional aspects of what living in a home is all about: from the size of the communicating spaces, the layout of the furniture, quality of the materials and the technologies used, through to concepts of the utmost importance for people’s wellness, such as safe, secure environments.

At Schiavi Spa, we feel that interior design has, over the last few years, taken on an increasingly essential importance to create interiors that are not just functional but also comfortable and harmonious, suited to the aesthetics of the building and the environment, as well as to the context in which the building is set.

Acoustics, sizes, lighting, spaces, materials and technologies are all concepts with a vital importance when it comes to the correct definition of interior designs that are really effective and efficient. Every room must in fact be practical and functional, from the viewpoint of sizes and communicating spaces as well as easy use, without ever forgetting the value of aesthetics, conveyed in the best way possible by the best possible choice in terms of colour, materials and finishes.

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