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Since its foundation, Schiavi Spa has successfully been working in the construction of civil, industrial, public and private buildings, for the fundamental aim of actively contributing to the development of quality standards within the property market, through the creation of excellent solutions.

We specialise in top-quality residential building, with a specific focus on the most highly developed concepts of energy saving. We create buildings that are great to look at and comfy to live in, thanks to our full-range product management that starts with an idea on paper and ends with the actual building of the property.

For five generations we have been in the building industry, providing new-build solutions or complete renovations of existing buildings. We have always focused on the living needs of our customers and this is why all of our houses feature top of the range solutions: our obvious orientation towards energy savings is our way of looking towards the future, where building works can represent a maximum and most harmonious fusion with the environment, to the benefit of the building’s inhabitants and the planet.

The quality of our buildings is the result of longstanding experience, which we have been achieving since 1850 – the year in which Schiavi Spa was founded – and has been handed down from father to son. Our excellent quality levels in terms of organisation and technology have made us an essential partner when it comes to building the best residential solutions in Lombardy.

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